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What's Here for You?

The ALP is an interactive learning event designed for senior leaders in marketing communications agencies. It’s built around the only computer-assisted simulation created for the industry. Participants manage Shele House®, an agency in a multinational network, for three simulated years, working with a team of other agency leaders in leading, managing, transforming and profitably growing the agency.

Genuine Sales® is a 90-day course that changes behavior and makes every customer or client conversation matter. Learn how to collaborate in a genuine, efficient and effective sales process. The program is already tested and proven in media companies and in a multinational marcomms agency environment. Its proven concepts build habits for revenue growth and sales success. "Genuine Sales" is a registered trademark of Sales Pro Insider, Inc.

Management Development Program

The LDP is an introduction to leadership, helping high-potential managers better understand a leader’s role and responsibilities, as well as their own aptitudes and skills as a leader. The program focuses on leading people and teams with tools, techniques and tips to positively influence behavior. It is available in custom formats for emerging leaders in agencies and media companies.

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